Learn to manage digital marketing with an online M.S. in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

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Specialize Your Craft

St. Edward’s University’s accelerated online Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Analytics will give you hands-on experience in digital marketing strategy and execution. Our versatile program is more than just earning a certification. We help you understand the “why” behind digital marketing so you can be agile – no matter what new marketing/analytics tools come your way

Program Benefits

Be Competitive In Your Field

Employers are searching for analytical experts in mobile, content, and social media marketing. We can help set you apart from your competition and prepare you for career advancement.”

Get Certified

Will a marketing certification lead you to your dream job? In our program, you have the opportunity to earn at least two digital marketing/analytics certifications*.

Earn Your Degree While Working

Want to go back to school and continue to work? With our program, you can earn your master’s degree in as little as 16 months while working full time.

Learn from Expert Faculty

Professor Debra Zahay-Blatz, who designed this program, wrote the book on digital marketing – literally. Learn cutting-edge marketing strategies from a faculty with industry experience.

*The program provides students with the opportunity to obtain certifications throughout the program. There is not a guarantee that students will leave the program with any or all of these certifications. There is the possibility of a student not completing one or more certifications while still meeting program completion requirements.

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Take Your Career to the Next Level.

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