Be on the cutting edge of analytics and technology with an M.S. in Accounting Analytics.

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Propel Your Career

Designed to embrace the digital transformation facing accounting professionals today, the Master of Science in Accounting Analytics at St. Edward’s University is the first analytics-oriented online accounting master’s program in the state of Texas. The program is built to prepare accounting professionals to sit for the CPA exam* and propel them into executive level roles in accounting and finance.

The M.S. in Accounting Analytics provides graduates with high-demand skills and a higher earning potential when compared to accountants without a master’s degree.

Program Benefits

Career Licensing

This program prepares students to sit for the CPA exam, fulfilling the credit hours of coursework required.*

Fast Track Your Future

This program is fully online and designed to be completed in only 16 months (4 semesters). Students can start in the Fall or Spring semesters.

Personal Advancement

Graduates enter the industry with in-demand skills and higher earning potential than a bachelor’s degree alone.

Competitive Investment

This program provides the right credentials for students to achieve executive positions, similar to the investment in an MBA but more specialized.

*Licensure requirements vary by state and students should consult with their state’s licensing boards.

Take Your Career to the Next Level

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