Learn to read data with an online master's degree in Business Analytics.

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Discover Big Data

Staying competitive in business means knowing your data and making mission-critical decisions based on business analysis. More than ever, companies are looking for leaders with the analytics skills necessary to unlock the incredible amounts of data that are created every day. There is power and value embedded in data and effective decisions are based on the stories it tells. The online Master of Science in Business Analytics degree (MSBA) at St. Edward’s University, a top 10 regional university in Austin, can help you to develop capabilities to succeed in this data-driven world.

Program Benefits

Learn Net-New

A background in advanced math or computer programming is not required for the MSBA program. You can learn something new, and build on what you know, without intimidation.

Specialized Skills

With business analytics added to your skillset, you will be more prepared than others for leadership within your organization by filling unmet and growing needs.

Be Relevant

With over half of businesses worldwide using data insights to drive strategy & improve processes, you will be extremely relevant.

Grab Opportunity

Our program will open up 23% more job opportunities for you that are only available for candidates with a master’s of business analytics.

Learn Online

A fully online and accelerated program, there will be ample opportunity for engagement with ethically driven SEU faculty and classmates.

Trend with SEU

Learn to read data from a people-centered school. Numbers are important but so are the people behind them. By learning Business Analytics at St. Edward’s University, you are preparing yourself to think critically, to analyze problems and to make responsible and strategic decisions, all through a lens of moral reasoning and ethics that is unique to St. Edward’s University. For more than 130 years, we have carried a passion for educating all who seek to realize their full potential, regardless of social standing, spiritual path or ability to pay.

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Take Your Career to the Next Level

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